Children's Picture Books:  There is some research to support the idea that children's first books are extremely important; they continue to feel deeply and emotionally connected to them for the rest of their lives. Our childhood favorites also profoundly influence our perceptions and ideas of what is normal, which is a good reason to offer your kids a balanced selection. Many kids' books depict the suburbs because it was the de facto model for American neighborhoods over the last 65+ years. Here is a list of our favorite books relating to some aspect of the city or urban neighborhoods; some are long-adored classics, and some brand new.  Explore them and maybe find a new favorite!

Urbanism Reading List:  This is a list of what I'm reading right now, focused on the topics of New Urbanism, urban revitalization, place-making, policies of city planning, historic preservation, research on suburban vs. urban models of development, and some Christian perspectives on the built environment.

Restaurant List

Click here for a list of our favorite family-friendly, locally-owned eateries in the urban core.  Because sometimes you just feel like you don't want to wash ANY more dishes, like maybe ever, and you don't have a babysitter available, and you don't want to end up at a fast food chain.  **Update:  I turned this topic into its own entire post, and the link is below.  

Foodies With Kids: Tips for Eating Out, Plus a List of Kid-Friendly Local Eateries

Foodies With Kids, Revisited:  14 spots for date night in Indy