About This Urban Life With Kids

Welcome!  This Urban Life With Kids is a parenting and lifestyle blog about living well in the city with little ones and understanding how urban living can work for everyone, regardless of your stage of life.  Although the general principles of urbanism you'll find here apply to most midsize, Midwestern cities, the stories I share come from my experience living in Indianapolis, Indiana and specifically a historic neighborhood downtown called the Old Northside.  

I'm Amy Sheldrake Eddy and I launched This Urban Life With Kids in 2014 as a journal of personal stories, a guide to basic urbanism theory, and a helpful resource for those moving to and living in urban Indy.  

This blog is about life with my family in the city.  I focus especially on how city living with kids can be beautiful, diverse, safe, socially connected, green, convenient, and affordable -- contrary to popular opinion.  If you're looking to move to the city from the suburbs and need some ammunition to ward off the negativity you might hear from friends and family, you're in the right place!  If you enjoy parks, public spaces, historic preservation, education, walkable neighborhoods, architecture, good food, the arts and culture, you'll find a lot to love in this blog.

I grew up in historic Irvington on the east side of Indy in the 1980s, so I've been hearing objections to urban living my entire life.  I've lived in a few other places since then -- from Bloomington, IN for college to Freiburg, Germany to suburban Greenwood (for one year) and now downtown Indy -- and have accumulated a lot of evidence along the way to prove that city living can be great.  

Marketing and business development work is in my past, I've been a full-time parent to my three kids for the last ten years, and I currently serve on the board of directors of a local nonprofit arts & cultural development organization called the Harrison Center for the Arts.  

I'm glad you're here!  You can also find me on social media: FB, InstagramPinterest, and Google+.  Feel free to subscribe by e-mail or RSS at the bottom of this page, and happy reading!